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Instrumentation and Notes
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Circus Music 23'21"
Brass Band:
Eb soprano cornet/7 Bb cornets/ flugelhorn/
3 Eb tenor horns/
2 Bb baritones/3 trombones/
2 euphoniums/3 tubas/2 percussion

1. Fanfare Prelude
_.Acrobats and Dancing Bears

2. The Aerial Ballet
3. More Clowns (and Elephants)
-The Flying Trapeze

4. Lions and Tigers
5. Grand Finale and Parade

Circus Terrifico Selections (Act I Circus Music)
The Winds of Her Misfortune 7'

Symphony Orchestra Wind and Percussion:
picc/2 fl(II+picc)/2 ob/E Hn/Eb cl/Bb cl/bs cl/2 bsn/cbsn
4 hn/3 tpt in C/3 tbn/tba
timp/3 perc/piano


Soundscapes - Patterson
after the poem by
William Carlos Williams

Concert Band:
picc/4 fl/2 ob/Eb cl/8 Bb cl/Bb bs cl/Eb bs cl/2bsn/
2 Eb alto sax/ Bb ten sax/
Eb bar sax/8 Bb tpt/ 4 hn/
4 tbn/2 euph/2 tba/
4 perc/piano
1. The Delineaments of the Giant
2. The Locust Tree
3. The Run to the Sea
for trumpet and band

Solo Trumpet and Band:
picc/2 fl/ alto fl/2 ob/E Hn/Eb cl/12 Bb cl/2 bs cl/2 bsn/2 Eb alto sax/Bb ten sax/Eb bar sax/4 hn/2 Bb cornets/4 tbn/1 tba/1 DB/harp/2 cellos/timp/2 perc

Note: also available for solo trumpet and 2 pianos

for Brass Choir

Brass Choir:
4 Bb tpt/4 hn/4 tbn/2 euph/2 tba

Note: This is performed spatially, with 4 brass quartets surrounding the audience. The piece incorporates medieval music and Gabrieli's Sonata Piano e Forte

Cathedrals Part 1
Cathedrals Part 2
Echoland 20'

2 grand pianos / 5 treble instruments (2 of these must be lound instruments, such as clarinet or trumpet) / 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello (to be played by the members of the chorus: no string technique is necessary) / 1 bass instrument / women's chorus of 10 or more / men's chorus of 10 or more (note that the chorus also uses tin cans of various sizes, beaten with the erasure end of pencils. Also, a metal rod and a metal plectrum will be needed to produce a bottle-neck gliss. on one of the violins)

Echoland is a theater piece using various types of spatial notation.

for tuba and percussion ensemble

Solo tuba/7 perc/piano

Note: also available for 2 pianos and percussion ensemble (7 players)