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love is the every only god

e. e. cummings

15' chamber choir
1. a pretty a day
2. she being Brand new
3. may i feel
4. love is the every only god
5. up into the silence
6. spring!may
7. O the sun comes up-up-up
8. !hope

In Just-spring

e.e. cummings

24' treble choir
(children's choir or women's choir)
and piano

Prayers ,Poems and Incantations
for the Earth

trad. native American
Gerard Manley Hopkins
e. e. cummings
Li Po
Dylan Thomas
Chief Dan Geor

24' for chamber choir and treble choir    

Four Songs, The Dream and
Old Song

Dorothy Livesay

  chamber choir    

Disasters of the Sun

Dorothy Livesay

17' for choir and gamelan (8 players)
or choir and piano

Track 1
1. O you old gold
2. The world is round

Track 2
3. Though I was certain
4. My hands
5. During the last heat wave
6. Keep out
7. When the black sun


Livesay Songs

Dorothy Livesay

11' for soprano and piano    

A Prayer for the Earth

Text from:
Chief Seattle
Atharva Veda XIX
Rabbi Abraham Heschel,
Alamsaeen, traditional Moslem
Bible, Deuteronomy 8:7-11
Chief Dan George


for chorus and orchestra
2 (II+picc)/2II+E.Hn)/1 cl/1 bs. cl/1 bsn/ 1 cbsn
Large Choir and Chamber Choir
(The Chamber Choir should consist of at least 20 singers


Pictures from Breughel

William Carlos Williams

15' for soprano., baritone. and
WW Quintet
(fl., ob., cl., hn., bsn.)

Whispers of Heavenly Death and
Chanting the Square Deific

Walt Whitman

6' 2 sopranos and pian      


James Joyce

15' for chorus and inst. ensemble:
2 grand pianos (with lids up)
5 treble instruments(2 of them must be loud, such as trumpet or clarinet)
2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello
1 bass instrument
women's chorus (ten or more)
men's chorus (ten or more)