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Le Tombeau
de Couperin
Maurice Ravel
violin, oboe/Eng. Hn., accordion, cello
Note: This arrangement was made for Quartetto Gelato. The original instrumentation includes a part for a violinist who is also a tenor and plays mandolin and for a cellist who plays guitar. However the arrangement is playable by a quartet of instruments as indicated above.
Note: There is also a part available which substitutes clarinet for the oboe/Eng. Hn part.
1. Prelude
2. Fugue
3. Forlane
4. Rigaudon
5. Menuet
6. Toccata
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Madama Butterfly
Giacomo Puccini
2 Hours
Butterfly's Trouble
A pocket opera for 7 performers
soprano, tenor, actor
violin, clarinet, cello, synthesizer
(or piano)
Beginning of Act I
Middle of Act I
Finale of Act I
One Fine Day (un bel di)
  Voice Afire
Gipsy Songs, Op. 56
Antonin Dvorak
woodwind quintet
Note: This arrangement eliminates the voice part of the original and incorporates it into the instrumental parts.
1. My Song Resounds
2. Hark: How My Triangle
3. Silent Woods
4. Songs My Mother Taught Me.
5. Tune Thy Fiddle, Gipsy
6. Garbed in Flowing Linen
7. The Heights of Tatra

Voice Afire



Scott Joplin and others
woodwind quintet
1. The Entertainer
2. Champaign Rag
3. Maple Leaf Rag
4. Cataract Rag
The Blue Danube
Johann Strauss jr.
violin, clarinet, cello, piano
MP3   Voice Afire
The Blue Danube
Johann Strauss jr.
clarinet and string quartet
The Heart and Soul of Tango
various composers
"Lifted" off recordings from the Golden Age
of tango in Buenos Aires and rearranged for
accordion, string trio (vln., vla., vcl.), and bass/baritone
Note: This arrangement is part of the Cabaret Show Close Embrace. It includes a narration (optional). The arrangement has the same instrumentation as Tango Dreams
(a work listed on the chamber music page) but adds a singer.
1. Mi Buenos Aires Querido
2. La Cumparsita
3. El Choclo
4. Desde el Alma
5. Mi Noche Triste
6. Sur
7. Milonga de mis Amores
8. Vieja Recova
9. Liber Tango

1. Mi Buenos Aires Querido
2. Mi Noche Triste
3. Vieja Recova
4. Sur

5. Selections
from Close Embrace

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4 Nocturnes
Francis Poulenc
string orchestra
    Voice Afire
First Concerto, mvts 2 and 3
Carl Maria von Weber
solo clarinet and wind ensemble
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Carnival of Venice
Paul Jean Jean
solo clarinet and orchestra
2 fl/ 2 ob/ 2 bsn/
2 hns/ 2 tpts/ 2 tbns/ tuba
2 perc/ Timp/ Harp
Note: the orchestral part is original by (Ray Luedeke), the clarinet part is by Paul Jean Jean
    Voice Afire
Amazing Grace
solo violin ensemble and orchestra
    Voice Afire
Korean Folk Songs
String Orchestra
1. Green Hills
2. Home, Sweet Home
3. Jongson Arirang
4. Korean National Anthem
5. O Canada
  Voice Afire
Paris Otoñal
J. Libertella
violin and piano
    Voice Afire
Jazz Capade
Variations on
Paganini Caprice #24
3 violins, double bass, snare drum. and piano
    Voice Afire
A Merry Christmas for Sam Davis
4 Double Bass
    Voice Afire
Overture to William Tell
oboe and cello
abbreviated for school concerts
    Voice Afire
A Fifth of Beethoven

oboe and cello
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony,
Mvt. I

    Voice Afire

Django Reinhardt
clarinet and double bass
    Voice Afire
Five for Romulo
various composers
violin, cello, bass, piano and tenor
    Voice Afire
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