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My Life with Pablo Neruda - March 2018

Congratulations on yesterday's performance! I enjoyed and appreciated the whole concept of your Neruda presentation. The ideal, the very human, the compassion...
All the performers were wonderful and your music had a real voice.
Victor Costanzi, concertmaster on Broadway

Tango Dreams - May 2017
“As a publisher, I have travelled the world, but as a tango dancer I keep my eyes open for tango shows wherever I happen to be. I have been entranced by shows in such unlikely places as Edmonton, Bologna, Ellenville, New York and more traditional centres like London, Antwerp, Amsterdam and of course, Beunos Aires. But one of the most surprising was a wonderful program of dance, music, and tango history put on by Raymond Luedeke.. His musicians and dancers were excellent and his commentary tied it all together nicely in a neat, historical package. If it comes to your town, it is a show not to be missed!” Mary Macchiusi
President, Pembroke Publishers

In Kharms Way - May 2016
"…another very enlightening and stimulating evening from Voice Afire! Ray Luedeke has a gift for weaving texts and music together, and the string writing was quite wonderful throughout. …very impressive the way the music matched the spirit and tone of the words …an integrated whole out of the whole thing, as if he had worked in tandem with the poet from the beginning. Bravo!" Joshua Rosenblum

The Art of Love - March 2015
"The performance concept merged musical and dramatic arts perfectly.. an evening of artistry, one which presented the best possible qualities of musicianship and theatrical performance." NYC Woman Around Town

Kafka Shorts - May 2014
"Voice Afire made a strong showing with "Kafka Shorts," the evening was a careful blend of music and performance…thought-provoking without being esoteric… lively and engaging."
NYC Theater Pizzazz

Viva Pablo Neruda - May 2013
"…this pocket opera can be seen as portraying one of the greatest love stories of the past century…gripping, exciting, passionate.. even if one was not an opera fan, it pulled you in and kept you captivated."
NYC Manhattan with a Twist

Butterfly's Trouble - January 2012
"…breathes new life into the Puccini work as a real piece of theater, and may mark the direction for opera to take as a living art form in the coming century."
NYC Theater Mania

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